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130830 KARA’s Goo Hara and Lee Soo Hyuk spotted having a dinner together

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, August 30, 2013 | 3:05 AM

KARA’s Goo Hara and model-turned actor Lee Soo Hyuk once again caught up in dating rumors.

Local media outlet Dispatch reported that Goo Hara and Lee Soo Hyuk were spotted having a dinner together a Chinese restaurant located in Cheongdamdong along with their mutual friend Hong Jong Hyun. The released photos are stirring a lot of buzz after the two were previously spotted shopping together in Japan.

However, both DSP Media and SidusHQ once again denied dating rumors and insisted that the two are just friends. A representative stated, “The two of them are nothing more than friends. We hope that there are no unnecessary misunderstandings.”

130830 KARA looks classy in new “Damaged Lady” MV trailer

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, August 29, 2013 | 8:49 PM

KARA continues to tease with the MV trailer of their upcoming song “Damaged Lady”, check out the video below.

130829 CNBLUE, KARA and B1A4 fare well on the Oricon

According to the Oricon Charts for August 28, CNBLUE’s second Japanese album ‘What Turns You On?’ debuted at no.2 spot of Oricon’s Daily Album chart after selling 26,921 copies on its first day.

KARA’s new single ‘Fantastic Girls’ also grabbed the third place of the same chart with 20,081 copies sold. In addition, B1A4 came in at no.2 on the Oricon’s Daily Singles Chart with its Japanese version of their latest Korean release “What’s Happening”.

130828 Kara releases an additional teaser for their new album

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 | 10:25 PM

In their most recent video, Kara revealed a look that features mysteriously dark eyes. The girl group’s agency announced a second teaser video for their new song “Damaged Lady” on August 28. In the teaser they appear as queens wearing ornate dresses and crowns.

Looking elegant and charismatic, they stare into camera as if they are having a staring match with it. An agency official says, “They look straight at us in a strangely mysterious way. Their gaze is completely steady.” In the 30-second video, the female stars raise fans’ hopes for the new album with their eyes like black holes.

Kara will briefly reveal every song of their new album on August 29 and release the full version of the music video of the song “Damaged Lady” on August 30.

Source: TV Report

130828 KARA Goo Hara and Han Seung Yeon Have Blood Vessel Problems??

Kara’s Hara and Han Seung Yeon were diagnosed with having hardened arteries.

On a recent episode of KBS2 “Vitamin,” they had a special 500th episode titled “10 Year Younger! Tips to Live 10 Years Longer!” On the show, they examined urinary, cardiovascular, endocrine, dental, cancer, and bone health.

In this episode, the cast members as well as guests were measured for pulse speed, blood pressure, blood vessel “age,” and had carotid ultrasounds.

In the midst of all this, Kara’s Hara and Han Seung Yeon were found to have a shocking blood vessel age. To this Hara said, “Because I have such a busy schedule I don’t have a lot of time, and so I don’t usually get to eat every meal. I think that’s the cause of my problem.”

Seung Yeon said, “I knew that my irregular living habits would lead to a bad result. From now I’m going to change my eating habits and lifestyle to overcome this and become healthier.”

Severance Hospital cardiology professor, who appeared on the show, said, “We wanted to determine the resilience of blood vessels in the arterial wave for Han Seung Yeon and Hara, and found that there is a slight hardening of the arteries. There is a good chance of improving their health by changing their lifestyles and focusing more on their health.”

130828 KARA and Park Jin Young to appear on ‘Radio Star’

KARA members and Park Jin Young will be appearing on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ together.

DSP Media confirmed that KARA members Goo Hara, Han Seung Yeon and Kang Ji Young participated in the filming of MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ on August 28 along with Park Jin Young.

With both artists scheduled to make their music comeback next month, the viewers are already anticipating of what stories and news KARA and Park Jin Young will share on the program.

In related news, Park Jin Young is set to release his 10th album ‘Half Time’ on September 9th, while KARA will return with fourth full-length album ‘Full Bloom’ on the 2nd.

130829 KARA to join JYP head on new show

Girl group Kara and founder of JYP Entertainment, Park Jin-young, will appear on MBC’s talk show “Radio Star” together next month.

It is the first time in the two years the girl group has appeared on a show.

Kara will share its stories dating back to October 2011. However, not all the members made it to the filming; Goo Ha-ra and Park Gyoo-ri-I did not join the show’s hosts at the studio yesterday.

Park has not been featured on the show since 2007.

The girl group released a teaser video early yesterday for its new song “Damage Lady”, which is included in the upcoming full-length album “Full Bloom”.

The show is expected to be aired on Sept. 4.

By Baek Hee-youn

130829 Kara Unleashes Audio Preview of 4th Album "Full Bloom" and Tracklist

Girl group Kara has released the audio preview of all tracks in their upcoming fourth album “Full Bloom” and the tracklist.

There will be nine tracks in the album and the title track is “Damaged Lady,” composed by Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo, and Lee Chang Hyun (Sweetune). The lyrics are written by Song Soo Yoon. You can view the video teaser clip here.

130828 KARA transform into elegant queens in 2nd “Damaged Lady” teaser

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 | 11:18 PM

KARA continue to tease with the 2nd video teaser of “Damaged Lady”.

The girls pose confidently in the teaser video, showing off their elegant charm, check out the teaser below.

130826 KARA, Changes Their Image With Tank Tops+Suits in 1st Teaser

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, August 26, 2013 | 1:24 AM

Girl group KARA will be releasing the teaser video of their new song “Damaged Lady” in 3 parts starting today.

In the 1st teaser video released this morning (August 26), a ‘fashion film’ was put together to reveal their style for their new album.

In the video, KARA wore short tank tops and suits, along with bowl cuts and bangs for their hair.

KARA will be releasing their 4th album “Full Bloom” on September 2 and hold a comeback showcase.

Photo Credit: KARA

130825 Nicole cutely displays her summer dress

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, August 25, 2013 | 8:31 PM

KARA's Nicole shares her cute black and white summer dress through a cute video she uploaded on August 24.

She wrote, "I put on one piece~~~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ summer dress". In the video, she's waggling while holding her dress and even did a final bow. Afterwards, she seemed embarrassed and laughed.

Check her cute video below:

130825 Hara shares ‘Dazed and Confused’ pictorial cuts with Seulong

Hara gifted fans some unreleased pictorial cuts from ‘Dazed and Confused’ photoshoot with 2AM Seulong through her twitter account on August 23.

Fans are overwhelmed how the two close friends managed to appear very natural and comfortable in the official photos released recently, that made them asking for more.

The two idol friends just recently rocked a “like a friend or a lover” concept for their Dazed and Confused photoshoot.

Check Hara’s exlcusive photos below:

130826 KARA releases “Damaged Lady” MV teaser

KARA is back fiercer than ever in the MV teaser of “Damaged lady”.
Check out the MV teaser below, do you anticipate their comeback?

130823 KARA Goo Hara Reveals Conversation With Older Brother “Always Supporting You”

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, August 23, 2013 | 6:57 PM

Girl group KARA’s member Goo Hara revealed the affection her older brother has for her.

Today, Goo Hara posted on her Instagram, “My one and only brother” along with a picture of her chat with her older brother.

In the picture, Goo Hara’s older brother’s encouraging message is shown. He said, “I’m always sorry that I did not do much for you as your brother but also thankful that even through hard times you grew up so well. I’m always supporting you. Fighting.”

Internet users who saw this commented, “Goo Hara has such an awesome brother,” “They must have a really good relationship,” etc.

Photo Credit: Goo Hara Instagram

130823 From princesses to queens, KARA unveil new teaser images for comeback

KARA members put on their royal dresses and transformed from princesses to beautiful queens for their upcoming comeback album.

On August 23, KARA updated its official Facebook page with new teaser photos under the title of “The Queen”. Completely different from their manly looks from first teaser, each member flaunted off their own royal beauty as they each donned elegant dresses of different designs.

As previously reported, KARA’s upcoming fourth full-length album ‘Full Bloom’ will be released in September and its title track will be titled “I Can’t Become a Lady”.

130822 Seulong and Goo Hara Rock the Chic Couple Look for "Dazed & Confused"

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, August 22, 2013 | 7:38 PM

2AM‘s Im Seulong and Kara‘s Goo Hara is one smoking hot couple for a recent photo shoot for “Dazed & Confused” magazine!

The two idols, who have been close friends since their debut, have always wanted to do a photo shoot together and finally, they got a chance to work together.

Im Seulong and Goo Hara are dripping with young sex appeal, almost like a rock couple from the sixties. The concept of the photo shoot was “like friends, like lovers” and the two idols gave various poses such as looking into each others eyes, holding hands and giving back hugs.

Just as Im Seulong commented, “We’re so close that it didn’t feel awkward at all when we touched each other,” when the shutters were going off, he immediately and naturally acted like a couple with Goo Hara but once the cameras were off, the two went back to goofing around like friends.

Goo Hara says that their friendship is going on for about five years now and that they both share many of their thoughts and worries with each other. Due to the friendship, the photo shoot was able to carry on smoothly and comfortably.

The interview after the photo shoot contains stories on how these two super stars became close, how they have similar personalities and other stories on their friendship.

Check out the smoking hot photos below!

130822 KARA are beautiful princesses in new individual teaser images

Girl group KARA started their comeback countdown by pre-releasing the track “Runaway”, and they continue to teas with a new set of individual teaser images.

Completely different from their manly looks from first teaser, the new set of photos highlight KARA’s lovely and feminine charms as the members dress up in white outfits and heels.

As previously reported, KARA’s upcoming fourth full-length album ‘Full Bloom’ will be released in September and its title track will be titled “I Can’t Become a Lady”.

130821 KARA Goo Hara, Reveals a Black&White Photo… “New Album Concept?”

Girl group KARA’s member Goo Hara revealed a black & white whole body photo, increasing the curiosity for their new album.

Yesterday, Goo Hara posted on her Instagram a picture of herself.

In the picture, Goo Hara was wearing a patterened suit, taking off her jacket a little bit and revealing her sexiness.

Internet users who saw this commented, “Is this the concept of your new album?,” “She looks like a professional model,” etc.

KARA will be releasing their new song on September 2.

Photo Credit: Goo Hara Instagram

130821 KARA releases “Runaway” MV ahead of comeback

Ahead of their music comeback with fourth studio album, KARA pre-releases the track “Runaway”.

Released on August 21, “Runaway” is a medium-tempo track composed by Shim Eun Ji that will showcase KARA’s transformed vocal skills. The music video for the song is especially gaining attention for including scenes from the group’s upcoming five-part drama ‘Secret Love’.

Meanwhile, KARA’s upcoming fourth full-length album will be in September and its title track will be titled “I Can’t Become a Lady”.

Check out the MV!

130820 KARA’s Hara & Jiyoung reveal gorgeous selca

KARA’s Goo Hara updated her Instagram on 20th August with a new photo.

She is seen posing with member Jiyoung in the photo above. The girls pose sexily with wet hair and red lips, showing an image which is different from their usual one.

Fans commented, “The girls look sexy here”,”Comeback concept?” and etc.

130819 KARA ‘Runaway’ MV to Include ‘SECRET LOVE’ Short Drama Scenes

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 | 10:16 PM

Girl group KARA revealed today that scenes from their short drama, “SECRET LOVE,” will be included in their music video for their new song, “Runaway.”

On August 21, KARA will be pre-releasing the “Runaway” music video and song. The short drama scenes included in the music video was directed by Kim Gyu Tae, who also directed the popular drama, “That Winter, The Wind Blows.”

“SECRET LOVE” is a 5 episode short drama featuring the members of the group.

On the other hand, they will be holding a comeback showcase this September.

130817 Kara to return breaking their own trend!

After a year, KARA will return with some sense of nationalism on the side.

Kara’s songs are all in English such as ‘Rock U’, ‘Pretty Girl’, ‘Mister’, ‘Step’, and ‘Pandora’. But they will break that trend as they will come back with their new album with a title song written in Hangul. Also, previous titles have been only two or three syllables long, but this coming title song has five syllables (in Korean).

‘숙녀가 못 돼’ (‘Can’t Become a Lady‘) will be the title track that is gaining lots of attention from fans as early as this.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net

SOURCE: nate

130814 KARA’s Goo Hara gets sporty and sexy for K-SWISS

Currently gearing up for a music comeback, KARA’s Goo Hara gets sporty and sexy in her latest pictorial for the Fall/Winter collection of sports brand K-SWISS.

Goo Hara recently participated in a photoshoot at a studio in Namyangju, Kyeongkido to present new products of sports brand K-SWISS ‘Court Style’. Donning her casual outfits and shoes, she expressed both sporty and sexy charms by showing off her voluptuous body line, and flawless and shapely legs.

Check out more photos below:


130814 KARA Don Suits For Cross-Dressing Themed Comeback Showcase Next Month

On Monday, K-Pop girl group KARA announced that they will be releasing their fourth studio album next month and gave us all a glimpse at their new concept.

The teaser photo released earlier this week showed the five members looking sexy in men’s suits.

The group’s agency, DSP Media, said in a press release on Wednesday, that in line with the album comeback, KARA will be holding a special showcase of their new songs.

‘KARA’s crossing-dressing play’ is the theme behind the upcoming first performance of the new album.

The showcase will be held on September 2 at the UNIQLO-AX in Seoul and will also air live through the Korean portal website Naver.

Fans in the audience as well as online will be able to enjoy the performance which will reportedly bring up the idea of cross-dressing in a variety of ways.

Are you looking forward to KARA’s comeback next month?What do you think of their cross-dressing concept?Share your ideas in the comments section below!

130813 Kara readies new album in Korea

Girl group Kara, which has garnered international popularity, especially in Japan, is at last returning its attentions to Korea.

The five-member group will release its fourth album next month, said to its agency DSP Media yesterday.

It’s been a year since the group released the mini album “Pandora”, and two years since their last full-length album in Korea – in that time, Kara has released three studio albums in Japan and numerous singles.

The agency also released a black-and-white image of all five members, dressed in suits and bow ties, with short hair as if they were posing as men.

Many industry critics are waiting to see how the group, which in the past has alternated between cute and sexy, is going to position itself differently for the new album.

“Although the group has been busy filming TV dramas and other international promotions in the past year, they have collected ideas for the new album whenever they have had time to spare”, said an official at the agency, according to local media reports.

By Lee Sun-min

130813 Goo Hara Releases Additional Photo from Jacket Image Photoshoot

Recently on August 12 on her Instagram, Kara’s Goo Hara uploaded a photo along with a short message, “Boy and Girl.”

In the released picture is Goo Hara with boyish up-styled hair and dark masculine suit. She is showing off her winks as she poses for the camera. With adorable expressions on her face, Goo Hara looks gorgeous and sexy in these pictures.

Fans who saw these photos commented, “She looks great even as a man,” “I like this boyish look on Goo Hara,” and “So pretty.”

Meanwhile, Kara is to make its comeback in Korea in September. The jacket image of the members was released recently. This fourth album comes more than a year after their last Korean release.

130812 KARA Sets Korean Comeback in September, Releases Album Jacket Teaser

KARA is set to come back to the domestic music scene, after more than one year. According to a report in local news agencies, the girl group will unleash its new release, KARA’s fourth studio album in September. To ramp up the excitement, a jacket image is also released on August 12.

The fourth album, yet untitled, comes more than one year after their last Korean release, the mini-album “Pandora,” and is the next full album after 2011′s “STEP.”The jacket image shows KARA in androgynous formal suits and is shot in black and white. With this different styling, the girls are attracting attention and are raising anticipation for the release.

Prior to this release, KARA members have individually released solo songs that were performed during their tour. Notable among these is the music video of Goo Hara‘s “Secret Love,” helmed by “That Winter the Wind Blows” director Kim Kyu Tae. The group has also been busy with overseas activities.

Meanwhile, KARA is hard at work for the release of the new full album. Once the comeback album title and its release date are announced, KARA is also expected to go full-blast on a comeback countdown.

130812 KARA goes for a manly concept for September comeback

KARA, who are currently busy with Japanese promotions, announced their local comeback this September, breaking one year’s hiatus.

The group has finally confirmed their return with the fourth studio album in September and released a teaser image of five KARA members going for a manly concept, donning black men’s suits and boyish hairstyles.

The girls haven’t revealed a specific date of the release, so stay tuned on DKP for more updates on their comeback.

130811 Lee Min Ki, KARA's Seungyeon and Jiyoung Behind the Scenes of New Photoshoot

KARA‘s Seungyeon and Jiyoung, along with actor Lee Min Ki, recently participated in a fall pictorial photoshoot for the fashion brand UNIONBAY.

In the stills released, it is evident that all three contributed to a lively and uplifting atmosphere, perfectly capturing the playfulness of the fashion choices. 

A representative of UNIONBAY remarks that the three have become quite close, having been working together for two years. He complemented them on their natural teamwork, and ability to complete the photoshoot in a lively manner.

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