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140824 Gyuri reveals she gets stressed out by being compared to Hara and Seungyeon”s body

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 | 1:35 AM

Gyuri revealed that she got stressed out by being in the same group as thinner girls like Hara or Seungyeon.
On the 23rd”s episode of “Quiz to Change the World – Doctor vs Idol“, she revealed, “Out of the members, Hara and Seungyeon have such thin body types that just being with them is stressful. I tried various dieting methods.”

She added, “Since dieting is so difficult, after an important filming, I look for good food because of stress. I eat a lot, and then I feel guilty and work out immediately. If I do that, I get nauseous, and I end up vomiting before I sleep. Because of that, I got reflux esophagitis. I did these kinds of dieting methods before, but not anymore. I diet more wisely now.“

140825 KARA has made a comeback as a four-member group

K-pop girl group KARA returned with mini album “DAY&NIGHT” and its title song “Mamma Mia.” The album”s title is comprised of three words; “DAY” means morning time, “&” means sunset, and “NIGHT” means glamorous night. The album”s concept is Let the party begin when the night comes. The title song “Mamma Mia” is a powerful dance track with additive beat and melody showing off KARA”s charm. Particularly, each member participated in writing the lyrics. The sixth track “The Story” is an acoustic medium ballad track and members wrote and sang the song in their own ways. Meanwhile, KARA held a showcase last week introducing their new songs for the first time to the public. The fan showcase attracted about 400 fans from South Korea, Japan, China and more.

140824 KARA’s Heo Youngji reveals which member was the most difficult to approach on KBS 2TV “Entertainment Weekly”

KARA recently appeared on the Guerilla Date segment of KBS 2TV “Entertainment Weekly” on August 23, where new member Heo Youngji was asked which member was the most difficult to approach.

Heo Youngji replied that Han Seungyeon was the most difficult member for her to approach due to Seungyeon’s drama filming at the time, making her the last one for Youngji to meet officially.

“I had a lot of time to think on how to approach her. I’m shy around new people, so we were awkward around each other,” she continues.

Meanwhile, KARA has recently made their comeback with Heo Youngji as their new member, promoting the song “MAMMA MIA” produced by Duble Sidekick. The choreography has gotten attention due to its powerful moves and colorful hand gestures nicknamed the “waking dance.”

Source: Star News, TV Report

140821 KARA to hold a mini fan meeting on the 24th

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, August 22, 2014 | 2:07 AM

KARA will get up close with Kamilia during their upcoming mini fan meeting which has been set for the 24th!

According to their agency DSP Media on the 22nd, KARA is set to hold a mini fan meeting at Guam Park near SBS Deungchondong Open Hall following the broadcast of SBS' 'Inkigayo' on the 24th.

DSP Media stated, "Although [KARA] announced their comeback to fans through their showcase on the 18th, we have planned a mini fan meeting for fans to meet [KARA] more up close... This fan meeting will be arranged as a meaningful event for [KARA] and fans to communicate with each other closely."

KARA will also continue their comeback stages for "Mamma Mia" on music shows this week and weekend!

140820 KARA reveal the type of men they like + talk about new member Youngji

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, August 21, 2014 | 5:17 AM

On the August 19 edition of SBS radio program “Cultwo Show“, KARA talked about the type of men they like as well as their new member, Youngji.

Hara said her ideal type was someone who takes care of himself well, saying, “I like someone who is good at his work and has a plan. He needs to be on time. I don”t like tardiness.”

Seungyeon talked about the traits she didn”t like in a man: “I don”t like men who get too fired up. There are people who are prepared to fight when you hit them. I think people who have fire in their eyes are tiring. I like someone who can embrace things with an open mind. I like people who have composure in their eyes.”

Gyuri said, “I like someone who takes care of himself well, has manners, and does not waste anything,” while Youngji said, “I like someone who does not use his strength on weak people but on strong people. The same goes for his authority or attention.”

In addition, they talked about their new member, Youngji! Hara said, “She is doing a good job at adapting, and she does not even tremble when we go out on variety shows. If anything, it feels like she is reading us.”

Youngji said, “It has sunk in that I”m going around and promoting with the other members after only seeing them on TV. I had my debut stage yesterday, and it was so emotional that I felt tears coming up. I didn”t cry and held it in.”

140821 Jiyoung signs with Japanese agency Sweet Power to start her acting career

Various Japanese media outlets including Oricon reported on the 21st, “Jiyoung has signed with Japanese entertainment agency Sweet Power and plans to promote using her name, Jiyoung.”

A Sweet Power rep apparently stated, “Jiyoung will show more mature charms than previously shown. We anticipate her activities as a global actress with her proficiency in Japanese and English.”

According to her agency, Jiyoung has been taking acting and English lessons in England after leaving KARA and signed her contract this month.

Jiyoung is scheduled to attend the “19th Tokyo Girls Collection” fashion show in Saitama Super Arena on September 6, and has recently completed a 2015 calendar photoshoot to be released early October.

140821 Ex-KARA Star Kang Ji Young Signs for Japanese Agency

Former KARA star Kang Ji Young has signed a deal with a Japanese talent agency as she looks to pursue an acting career. According to Japanese media outlet Oricon News, the ex-KARA member has put pen to paper on a deal with an agency called Sweet Power.

The agency stated that Kang Ji Young had been studying English in the United Kingdom for some time after leaving the girl group in January this year, but has now turned her attention to Japan, and signed a contract with the company earlier this month.

The agency also hinted that it might also seek to promote Kang Ji Young outside Japan, saying, “She has a mature charm, and she speaks good English and Japanese. We think she might have the potential to become a global actress.”

The ex-KARA star remains popular in Japan, and news of her return has been well received in the country. News reports about Kang Ji Young are currently trending on Japanese search engines.

140819 KARA”s Youngji and Gyuri throw the first pitch at a baseball game

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 | 3:26 AM

With Gyuri on the mound (well, in front of it) and Youngji staring her down at home plate, Gyuri unleashed a throw that didn”t quite reach Youngji”s position, but she managed a swing just the same!

Check out the video above.

140820 KARA Han Seungyeon’s Father Was Appointed as Master Craftsman of the Swords of the President’s Generals

Han Seungyeon mentioned her father, saying, “My dad was the one who made swords for the Generals that served the President. He makes the Rose of Sharon and the Phoenix on the swords. His company is also the first in his line of work; however, in our house we don’t really think it’s that much of a big deal.”

“Cultwo Show” guest Lee Hoon and MC Jung Chan Woo praised Han Seungyeon’s father, however, saying that he is an asset in the Korean culture.

Meanwhile, KARA just released their music video entitled “MAMMA MIA” for their new album “DAY & NIGHT” which was officially released on August 18.

140820 KARA pick their ideal types among B1A4 and talk about their new song for 1theK”s “Ask In A Box”

Previous “Ask In A Box” guests B1A4 left KARA with the mission to give a visual ranking of the B1A4 members. KARA didn”t want any anti-fans on their case so they opted to pick the members that fit their ideal types instead. The members ended up choosing everyone but CNU and made up for it by giving him a big group “I love you” message at the end.

New member Youngji also showed how quickly she”s adjusting to broadcast by making up a clever poem using the name KARA, impressing her fellow members.

Check out KARA”s answers to Kamilia”s questions in the clip above!

140818 KARA finally makes their quartet return with “Mamma Mia”!

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 | 5:22 AM

“Mamma Mia” marks Heo Youngji’s official debut as a member of KARA, alongside Han Seungyeon, Park Gyuri, and Goo Hara. After releasing numerous individual, group, and video teasers, along with a final music video trailer, KARA officially made their August comeback for Kamilias to enjoy.

Following up with the diversity of style and concepts in their teasers, KARA incorporated both elegance as well as a bold sexiness for this comeback. With powerful yet sultry moves in their choreography, various degrees of curled hair, and chic black clothing paired with richly ruffled dresses, KARA showed many sides of themselves for their fans. Throughout the music video, viewers can watch solo shots of each member in either bright or dark settings, along with them being allured out of their reverie by some butterflies. By the end, they are seen partying on a patio glowing with light, with streaks in their hair and casual clothing, having overcome their heavy feelings for a potential lover.

Enjoy the long-awaited music video, and tell us what you think! In the meantime, listen to both their Korean and Japanese version albums as well, in which the latter will be released later in the month!

140814 KARA”s new member Youngji opens a Twitter account

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, August 15, 2014 | 3:15 AM

On August 14, Youngji posted the above photos and the message, “Hello. This is KARA”s Youngji! I”ve finally opened a Twitter account. And on Sunday,Gyuri unni and I will be [doing the opening pitch and hit at a baseball game], so I”m working hard practicing! I”m worried about whether I”ll do well. I”ll do well, right?”

In the photo, Youngji is wearing a baseball uniform and holding a bat, revealing that Gyuri will be pitching at the “2014 Korean Yakult Seven Pro Baseball” game between the Doosan Bears and Lotte Giants on the 17th.

In other news, the new KARA will be returning on the 18th with their sixth mini-album “Day & Night“.

140814 KARA releases MV trailer prior to official comeback on August 18th

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, August 14, 2014 | 10:33 PM

With just four days until their official return with new member Youngji, KARA has revealed their official music video trailer! This is the biggest glimpse into their comeback music video following numerous concept teasers for “day” (1,2, 3), “sunset”, and “night”. They also released a group image teaser, a summer sunset film, track list, medley video, and individual video teasers (1, 2, 3, 4) released throughout late July and early August.

This music video trailer surprisingly veers off a bit from the previous teasers. It showcases the members dressed in chic black attire, dancing in a white room. Four solo views of the members are shown, showing unique violet color lens, various shades of brown hair, and permed curly hair for both Youngji and Hara. All in all, the makeup makes them look softly feminine and colorful.

Seungyeon, Gyuri, Hara, and Youngji are all seen either waiting for or discovering something, prior to the scene skipping to a huge night patio party. Fans could also hear part of the chorus being sung by the four members with strong vocals and in complete harmony.

KARA will be returning with their 6th mini-album on August 18th domestically, while in Japan they will release the Japanese version in three different editions, conjoined with their 3rd Japan tour in the Fall.

There is much in store for Kamilia’s in the future, so watch the trailer below and take another glimpse into all that KARA will offer in 2014!

140810 KARA reveals tracklist for 11th Japanese album “MAMMAMIA”

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 | 2:00 AM

The new KARA released the tracklist for their 11th Japanese album “MAMMAMIA.”
“MAMMAMIA” will be released on August 27th in three different editions: CD+DVD, CD+28 Page Photobook, and CD+Bonus Track.

2. So Good
3. MAMMAMIA! (Instrumental)
4. So Good (Instrumental)
5. Don’t Hurry (CD Limited Edition C only)

MAMMAMIA! (Music Video Clip)
MAMMAMIA! (Dance Shot Ver.)
MAMMAMIA! (Music Video Clip BTS)

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net SOURCE: KARA Japanese Website

140810 KARA’s Park Gyuri Reveals Her Thoughts to Fans About Recruiting a New Member

Girl group KARA’s Park Gyuri revealed her feelings to her fans about recruiting a new member to the group.

On August 8, through her fan site, she posted a letter that started with, “I wasn’t sure how to start this letter and after erasing and writing a couple of times, I decided to write my personal thoughts.”

She continued on by saying, “I had a lot of worries like if I should contain my emotions until the showcase, what kinds of things should I say, how should I say it, and when or if I should just not say anything at all. However, to contain all of that until then will make it difficult for me to handle so I’m going to say it.”

Park Gyuri revealed why she decided to write this by saying, “Honestly, I thought about writing a letter or a reply but I couldn’t keep count as to how many times I decided not to. I thought if I spare my words, that would be the best way but at times, if I spare my words often, it continuously brings a bigger pain.”

Then, she apologized about the sudden recruitment of a new member by saying, “Just like I said at the fan meeting, I won’t let you down so trust me. I said that because I’m confident that I really won’t let you down. However, a few days later, the situation changed and although I said it with confidence, I ended up letting you guys down.”

She explained the circumstances that occurred at the time and said, “Although the best that I said transformed into a different nuance, as if to escape the situation, I’ll say it’s my fault for not venting this out ahead of time and for letting that be the cause of your imagination. That’s what happened.”

She continued on by saying, “Anyways, at this point, we have recruited a new member. I was someone’s fan once, liked them a lot, cried a lot, hated a lot, and loved a lot. I know the things you’re feeling when you watch the stage with the new members.”

Park Gyuri also said, “There will be people who will welcome them, there will be those who will hate them and there will be those who will be wishy-washy about it. I’m sure I’ll have to carry those feelings with me.”

Lastly, she wrapped up the letter by saying, “I know I can’t force it. It’s up to the person on how they feel. However, the members will be have carry it with them. For this album, we’re going to work really hard on stage. Right now, I think that’s the only answer and there’s nothing else I can think of. I wish all of us would stop being in pain. Stay healthy.”

Meanwhile, after recruiting Huh Youngji into the group and transforming into a four-member group, KARA will be making a comeback on August 18 with their sixth mini album, “Day & Night.”

140811 Goo Hara takes photo with Choo Sarang”s mom, Yano Shiho

On August 9th, Yano Shiho posted a photo of her taken with Goo Hara on Instagram and wrote “Nice to meet you, Hara of KARA“.
In the photo, Goo Hara and Yano Shiho pose happily together, show off their outstanding beauties.
Yano Shiho used to be a top model of Japan back then, she”s recently become popular again thanks to her daughter Choo Sarang and has started model work in Korea. It has also been reported that Goo Hara might appear in the upcoming episode of KBS”s “Superman returns” and meet up with Choo Sarang.
Meanwhile, Goo Hara is receiving much attention as KARA will soon comeback with new member Heo Yeongii.

140812 KARA releases Seungyeon’s video teaser for “MAMMA MIA”

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 | 9:23 PM

Less than a week remains until the impending release of KARA’s 6th mini-album, “DAY & NIGHT.” The group continues to release solo video teasers as the date approaches.

Following solo video teasers for Youngji and Gyuri has been released, the video teaser for member Seungyeon was released on the 12th.

With closed eyes and a soft, sunset lit environment, Seungyeon holds a single white lily in her hands. Similar to past released video teasers, Seungyeon portrays both the “day” and “night” concept for the mini-album. A short clip of the chorus from KARA’s “MAMMA MIA” plays at the end before reminding fans of the mini-album’s release, August 18.

Meanwhile, KARA will also be simultaneously promoting in Korea and Japan this year as they are scheduled for their 11th single release with the same title track on August 27.

140808 KARA release highlight medley for “Day & Night” album

Written By Kim Regina on Saturday, August 9, 2014 | 2:20 AM

KARA”s comeback is just a few days ago and the girls drop the highlight medley of their new tracks, check out the preview below:

140808 KARA release tracklist for “Day & Night”

KARA release the song list for their upcoming 6th mini album “Day & Night”.

Their upcoming mini album includes 6 songs mostly composed by hitmakers Duble Sidekick along with David Kim, and SEION leaving KARA fans anticipating.

This includes “Live”, “Mamma Mia” which is their title track,”So Good”,”Melancholy (24/7)”,”Red Light” and “Story” which lyrics are provided by members Gyuri, Hara, and Seungyeon.

You could listen to the album preview here while waiting for its official release on 18th.

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