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120831 KARA to hold live chat session with fans

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, August 31, 2012 | 11:47 PM

Girl group KARA, who just returned to the music scene with “Pandora”, will be holding an online live chatting event with the fans.

On September 6th, KARA members will be participating in the chat in a relay-style session with group of lucky fans through social network service me2day’s star chat.

The five members will take turns to chat with selected fans, chosen from people who apply for the event through the me2day mobile application until September 4th. The winners will be picked on September 5th and announced through Hara’s me2day account.

KARA has been showing their efforts to keep in touch with fans despite their extremely busy schedule both in Korea and overseas. The official noted that the members are more than excited to have this great opportunity to chat with their fans

120831 KARA releases solo teasers for KARA COLLECTION

KARA is set to release a collection album in Japan next week and the individual video teasers have been unveiled through Universal Music Japan’s official Youtube channel.

To be released on September 5, the Japanese compilation album will be titled, ‘KARA COLLECTION’. The album lists the members’ solo songs from their first exclusive concert, ‘KARASIA 2012 The 1st Concert’, as well as their hit single “GO GO SUMMER!” from their second full-length Japanese album ‘Super Girl’.

Check out the teasers below.

~Wanna Do (Jiyoung) ~

~Lost feat. Jinwoon of 2AM (Nicole)~

~Secret Love (Hara)~

~Daydream (Gyuri)~

~Guilty (Seungyeon)~

120830 KARA members grace "High Cut" magazine


Having already showcased their powerful and sexy charms on their comeback title song Pandora, the lovely ladies of KARA are back gracing the cover of fashion magazine, ‘High Cut’.


On August 30th, High Cut magazine unveiled photos taken of KARA at a recent photo shoot. While showing more sexy and charismatic looks when they are on the stage, the pictorial shows KARA in a mixture of sporty and girlish concept.

The members are seen wearing various outfits, showing off their youthful beauty. Along with their natural innocence and baby faces, they showed a glamorous aura while posing in different kinds of outfits. 


In the interview, KARA leader Gyuri talked about the group saying, “I can’t guarantee and say that KARA will last forever, but we all know that we look the best when we are together. I think that should be just enough, because there are people who don’t know what that means.”

Seungyeon told her agony about age saying, “When I was much younger, I thought every girls would become like Jun Ji Hyun when they get over 20. But, I'm 25 now, and I think I’m quite far from that. It will be a bit weird to get into late 20s or 30s without any changes.”

The maknae, Jiyoung, discussed about their new song “Pandora”, “We all tried hard to show mature looks in ‘Jumping’ or ‘Lupin’, but I think there were some cute looks still left on us. However, we really want to show some different looks. The costumes are a bit short, and I’m just a bit worried that the fans might ask us to wear something longer.”

120830 KARA'S Gyuri makes a DJ comeback!

After a 11-months hiatus, KARA's leader Gyuri returned as a DJ on MBC radio show "Shim Shim Tapa",

On the 29th of August, Park Gyuri made a visit to the radio show. It has been 11 months since she announced her leave last October due to busy schedule.

Her return was exciting however it was only a one day visit as a DJ. Shindong took a photo with Gyuri showing off their big smiles and V-signs.

Meanwhile, Gyuri is promoting with KARA their latest mini album "Pandora".

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net

120830 KARA's Park Gyuri 's slimmer figure after 5kg weight loss

Netizens and fans are impressed with Gyuri's slimmer figure.

Park Gyuri updated her twitter account with a new pic and no doubt she so much slimmer in the photo shown above.


After that, she showed off her slender figure wearing the sexy outfits for KARA's "Pandora" comeback. Gyuri still has her blonde hair but shows off much slimmer legs and prominent v-line face. Looks like her diet was a huge success.


What do you think? Liking the slimmer Gyuri?

120829 KARA appointed as ambassadors for K-Food

Girl group KARA, who recently made their comeback with “Pandora”, has been appointed ‘K-Food’ ambassadors.

From September, KARA will be the ambassadors of ‘K-Food’ campaign, which is hosted by Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. KARA will be appearing in various pictorials and campaign promotion videos to promote the greatness of K-Food to other Asian countries.

A representative stated, “As Hallyu idols, we expected that KARA will have a positive impact on the popularization of Korean food. The lively and healthy image will work overseas as well.”

KARA will kick off their promotional activities by holding a one-day event with music distribution website Naver Music, where they will cook and serve select fans on September 3.

The members remarked, “We are happy to help such a great cause, and we will do our best to spread the Korean food culture to all over the world.”

120829 KARA poses with their "Show Champion" trophy

KARA won 1st place on Show Champion aired on 27th August.

The girls pose happily at the backstage with their trophy.They performed their latest hit song "Pandora" for the 1st time on the show yesterday.

120828 KARA won 1st place with "Pandora" on Show Champion

Congratulations to KARA for winning on Show Champion with their latest hit song "Pandora",check out their performance below!

120828 DSP Media issues apology for KARA's handicap parking incident

KARA sparked yet another controversy after a photo of their vehicles parked in the handicapped parking slots surfaced online. With the uproar that this has caused, their agency, DSP Media issued an apology for the incident.

DSP Media stated, “After speaking with the manager who drove the car and investigating the circumstances, we found out that the two vehicles KARA and their staff rode on August 25th stopped by the Jung An rest stop in Gongju and parked in the handicapped slots for about 15 minutes.”

“We would like to humbly apologize to those who were discomforted by this situation and to all those who love KARA. We will make sure that this type of unfortunate incident does not happen again in the future”, the agency added.

On August 25, two large vans were seen occupying two handicapped spots in the rest stop’s parking lot without a permit for some 20 minutes. Netizens were shocked to see that the two vans were none other than the KARA members and their staff who were en route to a performance at the Yeosu Expo.

Source: Herald

120828 KARA's Seungyeon and Jiyoung and Lee Min Ki look like siblings for Unionbay


KARA’s Seungyeon and Jiyoung along with actor Lee Min Ki, who were selected as the new endorsement models of ‘Unionbay’, became close siblings in a new pictorial for Fall 2012 edition of the clothing brand.


On August 28th, Unionbay revealed photos of Seungyeon, Jiyoung with Lee Min Ki which was taken during an advertisement shooting. The shooting took place at a studio near Seoul on July 27th, and the three showed great partnership and friendship.


A representative stated, “They were seen showing their support for each other as the photo shoot progressed which brightened up the atmosphere on set. The day of the shooting was Seungyeon’s birthday, and Lee Min Ki’s surprise gift touched Seungyeon and all of other staffs’ hearts as well.”

120828 KARA's stage outfit faces plagiarism issue?

Recently, netizens discovered that KARA's recent stage costumes show striking resemblance to a swimsuit from an international brand. On various online communities, a photo of KARA wearing bright yellow dresses with black and white stripe was posted and compared with a swimwear of almost similar design.

The swimwear was from the 2008 Spring/Summer Gucci Collection.

Netizens commented, "It looks completely identical", "KARA are so pretty, it's too bad their stylist made that choice", "Their stylist needs to be more careful next time".

Share your thoughts here!

Source: Nate

120827 KARA to release collection album in Japan next month

Having recently made its comeback in Korea with mini album Pandora, girl group KARA is set to release a collection album in Japan next month featuring the members’ solo tracks.

According to KARA’s official Japanese website, KARA will be releasing a Japanese compilation album titled, ‘KARA COLLECTION’, on September 5. The album lists the members’ solo songs from their first exclusive concert, ‘KARASIA 2012 The 1st Concert’, as well as their hit single “GO GO SUMMER!” from their second full-length Japanese album ‘Super Girl’.

The album comes in three editions; Limited A [CD+DVD+Photo book], Limited B [CD+DVD] and regular CD-only version. The additional DVD includes the music video to each songs as well as making-of video shots.

Check out the full tracklist below:

1. Wanna (Ji Young)
2. Lost feat. Jinun of 2AM (Nicole)
3. Secret Love (Hara)
4. Hakuchumu (Gyu Ri)
5. Guilty (Seung Yeon)
6. GO GO Summer! 2012
7. Wanna (Instrumental)
8. Lost (Instrumental)
9. Secret Love (Instrumental)
10. Hakuchumu (Instrumental)
11. Guilty (Instrumental)
12. GO GO Summer! 2012 (Instrumental)

1. Wanna Do by Jiyoung (Music Video Clip)
2. Lost (feat.JinWoon of 2AM) by Nicole (Music Video Clip)
3. Secret Love by Hara (Music Video Clip)
4. Day Dreram by Gyuri (Music Video Clip)
5. Guilty by SeungYeon (Music Video Clip)
6. Music Video Clip Making film

120826 KARA's Jiyoung got cheated by her boyfriend

Kara's member Jiyoung garners attention when she revealed that she cried because of her ex-boyfriend before her debut.

On August 25th episode of KBS 2TV’s Invincible Youth 2 , she said, “I cried before because of a guy ,” while making food with Lee Young Ja, SNSD’s Hyoyeon, and Sistar’s Bora.

She further shared, "I had known this boy since I was an elementary student. Sometimes we sent letters to each other until he cheated on me. After that, I broke up with him. I went to karaoke bar and sing "I Have A Lover" while crying."

Source: Starnews
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net

120827 KARA's promotional buses in Seoul!

KARA is not only receiving much attention with their comeback and performances on music shows and concerts but they are also turning heads on the streets with their high tech promotional buses touring the busy streets of downtown Seoul.

Recently, fans took notice of the promotional buses featuring KARA with their new album "Pandora".

These buses display the girls concept photos and promotional video while touring the busy streets.

On the 25th of August, Jiyoung updated her twitter account and shared, "Wow, this is really fascinating".

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net

120826 Kang Jiyoung's passport photo revealed

KARA's Jiyoung revealed her passport photo on 25th August.

She said,"the photo was taken when i was 15,i have been to Japan,United States,Thailand,Malaysia and more."

Fans commented,"she looks pretty","is that really a passport photo,it is like a photoshoot" and etc

120825 KARA's Pandora performance on Music Bank MR Removed!

Check out the MR removed clip of KARA's Pandora performance on Music Bank.

What do you think of their singing ability,how many points out of 10?

120825 KARA's Hara & Seungyeon look adorable in new photo

KARA's Hara updated a new photo on her Me2day.

She mentioned that it has been a while since the last time she updated her Me2day,it has been 4 days since the official release of Pandora,she asked whether you are listening to their new song well?

The girls are seen posing cutely in the photo above,showing their adorable expressions.

120825 KARA Nicole adorable selca

KARA's Nicole tweets a new selca on 24th August.

She mentioned,"Are you watching Music Bank"?KARA made their comeback on KBS Music Bank on 24th with their new song "Pandora".

Nicole is seen posing cutely in the photo above,showing her eye smile wearing the outfit for "Miss You" performance. Like her new selca?

Photo Source: Nicole's Twitter

120824 KARA makes a hot comeback with Pandora on Music Bank

Girl group KARA finally made their much-awaited return into the Korean music scene with new single “Pandora”. After their successful showcase in Seoul, the ladies kicked off their official promotions with first comeback performance on this week’s ‘Music Bank’.

“Pandora” has an addictive melody and grand sound and was composed by hit songwriter duo Sweetune, who also composed KARA’s hits like “Honey,” “Jumping” and “STEP.” With its infectious beats and glamorous choreography, the single showcases a more mature and womanly side of KARA.

Check out their performance below!

120824 KARA&'s Goo Hara looks classy and mature for Beauty+

KARA’s Goo Hara continues to stun in yet another fashion magazine pictorial with her latest sets for ‘Beauty+’.

For the shoot, Goo Hara portrays a feminine and mature charm, while still looking very charismatic. She wears a long, black Victorian-style dress with long lace sleeves and a full skirt, accentuated with bulky hairstyle, sharp eye make up and a bright red lip.

Goo Hara expressed her excitement saying, “It was a make up style that I never tried on stage so I had a lot of fun.” 


Meanwhile, KARA has made its comeback with new mini album, “Pandora”.

120823 KARA's Pandora jacket making video

Check out the BTS video of KARA for their latest mini album "Pandora",the girls pose professionally during the photoshoot,check out the video below!

120823 KARA talks about their god given gifts

KARA members made honest comments about their “god given gifts”.

At the press conference held before KARA’s 5th Mini-album “Pandora” showcase at the Walkerhill hotel in Seoul on August 22, the five members gave witty and honest answers to a question asking about their own unique charms.

Park Gyuri stated, “I think god gave me positiveness and confidence.” Goo Hara, who confessed that people told her she had the body of a child, replied, “I’m thankful for being not gaining much weight, no matter what I eat.”

The singer added, “However, it was not easy for me to have a glamorous figure and that has inspired me to work out harder. Now I’m happy that many people are recognizing some changes in my figure.”

Seungyeon also chose small head as a gift that god gave to her, Nicole chose her health while JiYoung was grateful for her height.

Source: StarN News

120823 KARA dominates music charts with Pandora

Girl group KARA is entering back into the Korean music scene with new single “Pandora,” and it has already climbed to the top of the charts.

KARA released “Pandora” from their 5th mini album on August 22nd. The single has topped various online music charts like MelOn, Mnet, Olleh Music and more, reaffirming the group’s status as one of the top girl groups. Not only that, KARA became the most searched terms on several search engines like Naver and Daum throughout the day.

KARA held their comeback showcase at the Walker Hill Hotel’s Gayageum Hall in Seoul. The girls held a press conference before taking the stage, performing their latest hits “Pandora” and “Miss U” as well as their most popular tune, such as “Honey”, “Jumping” and “STEP.”

120822 KARA releases 5th mini album Pandora

After teasing fans over the past week, girl group KARA has finally released its comeback 5th mini album, ‘Pandora’!

The new album contains a total of five new tracks that show off new charms that their fans have never seen before. The title track “Pandora” was produced by composers Han Jae Ho & Kim Seung Soo, along with Sweetune who have produced several hits for KARA in the past.

Meanwhile, KARA will hold a comeback showcase to celebrate their fifth mini-album’s release at the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill hotel’s Gayageum Hall in Seoul later today.

Check out the tracks below!

Album : [Mini Album] Pandora
Song Artist : KARA (카라)
Release Date : 2012.08.22
Genre: Dance

01. Way
02. Pandora
03. Idiot
04. 그리운 날엔 (Miss U)
05. Pandora (Inst.)





120823 KARA's "Pandora" MV making film!

KARA unveiled the making film of their latest MV of their new song "Pandora",the girls are really enjoying the MV filming,check out the video below!

120822 KARA releases full MV for Pandora

Having already released their comeback fifth mini-album earlier today, the ladies of KARA have just unveiled the full music video for their latest title track, “Pandora”!

The music video showcases a more mature and confident image of KARA members. The girls are seen wearing skin tight black outfit with black blazer, looking very chic and sexy as they dance in their brand new sound.

Following the release of their comeback album, KARA will officially begin their promotional activities. The group will hold a comeback showcase at the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill hotel’s Gayageum Hall in Seoul, which will also be streamed live on You Tube, NAVER and MNET.com.

Check out the MVin this link

120822 KARA performed Pandora on their showcase

KARA's first ever live performance for their latest hit song "Pandora",check out the video below!

120821 KARA to open one-day restaurant for Pandora comeback

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, August 30, 2012 | 10:51 PM

In promotion of their “Pandora” comeback, KARA will be opening up a special one-day restaurant event for the fans.

On September 3rd, KARA will be inviting few lucky fans to the restaurant where KARA members will personally cook and serve food for them. In addition to cooking and serving food, fans can look forward to a number of special events including a special talk session as well as several other fun events.

The event is run in collaboration with Naver Music. Fans can earn the chance to attend the event by downloading KARA’s upcoming new single, “Pandora”, through Naver Music and apply for the event.

“Pandora” will be released on August 22nd.

Source: Nate

120820 Kang Jiyoung's matured Twitter profile picture!

KARA's maknae Kang Jiyoung updated her Twitter with a new profile picture on 20th August.

She said,"changed my profile picture after a long while,goodnight,not much time left until you see us". Fans commented,"Jiyoung sheds innocent image and getting matured now","very pretty" and etc.

KARA will make their comeback with Pandora on 22nd August.

Photo Source : Jiyoung's Twitter

120819 Sneak Peek of KARA's Pandora MV

Section TV's reporter visited the girls of KARA at the filming set of their new "Pandora" MV.

Although it is just a few seconds sneak peek of the MV,i am sure their new song will be a huge hit!

Check out the video below!

120819 KARA Pandora Teaser on inkigayo

KARA will make their comeback on Inkigayo next week with "Pandora",check out their teaser on the show below!

120817 KARA releases Seungyeon's teaser for"Pandora"

Countdown to the release of the KARA’s long-awaited comeback has begun. After releasing teasers for Jiyoung, Hara, Gyuri and Nicole, teaser of the final member, Seungyeon, has been revealed!

The latest member teaser for KARA’s upcoming “Pandora” was released on August 17 through Naver Music. Seungyeon is donning an elegant white dress accessorized with belt and necklace and is kneeling on top of a couch, while giving a mysterious gaze.

The group’s new mini album “Pandora” is set for release next week on August 22. Their comeback showcase at the W Seoul Walkerhill Hotel will also be streamed live on YouTube on the release date.

[Updated] Seungyeon’s music video teaser has been added.

120817 Goo Hara's Sexy back!

Goo Hara's photo with the title "Hara's sexy back" has become a hot topic among netizens.

Hara is seen wearing the outfit in Pandora MV teaser in the photo above,showing off her slim ant waist and sexy back.

Fans commented,"superb figure","i want that waist","perfect" and etc. Check out her teaser here!

120816 KARA releases Nicole’s teasers for “Pandora”

After releasing the previous teasers for Jiyoung, Hara, and Gyuri, KARA has revealed a new set of teaser photos featuring Nicole!

Similar to the teaser photos of the other members revealed so far, Nicole looks regal yet fierce with her intense gaze emphasized by her strong eye makeup and a statement necklace that adds a bit of edge to her all black ensemble.

Along with the new photo, Nicole’s video teaser from the upcoming music video for “Pandora“ has also been released, so take a look below!

120815 KARA releases Gyuri’s teasers for “Pandora”

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 | 2:03 AM

After releasing the previous teasers for Jiyoung and Hara next member in the teaser line up, Gyuri , has been revealed!

Released through Naver Music, the new photo of Gyuri shows just why she is referred to as “Goddess Gyuri” by her fans as she poses gracefully looking completely flawless.

Along with the new photo, Gyuri’s video teaser from the upcoming music video for “Pandora“ has also been released, so take a look below!

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