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130429 Kara's Han Seung Yeon Sheds Her Baby-Face Image

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, April 29, 2013 | 10:40 PM

Kara‘s Han Seung Yeon, who is famous for her baby-face, shows off a mature and sophisticated look for the May issue of Beauty+ magazine.

Han Seung Yeon wears colorful, flower-patterned dresses that accentuate both the maturity and femininity of the singer, who is also showing off those same charms in her drama, “Jang Ok Jung, Lives in Love.” Rumors from the set of the photoshoot has it that Han Seung Yeon didn’t need any editing despite her short height because of her perfect face-to-body proportion.

130429 Park Gyoo-ri-I cries in the middle of a drama @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database

Girl group Kara member Park Gyoo-ri-I cried in the middle of making a drama.

She cried in surprise at the little surprise the staff had for her on the MBC Queen drama “Nail Shop Paris” set.

The set blacked out in the middle of shooting and the staff walked in with cake to congratulate the cast for their good work. Park Gyoo-ri-I was so touched she started crying.

It was her first drama and she had lots of affection for it so she burst into tears andJeon Ji-hoo, Song Jae-rim and Thunder comforted her.

After everything, Park Gyoo-ri-I posted on her Twitter, “This isn’t luck given to anyone. I am so grateful to everyone”.

Meanwhile, “Nail Shop Paris” will be aired on MBC Queen and MBC Drama Net from the 3rd of May. Park Gyoo-ri-I takes on the role of Hong Yeo-joo and dresses as a man.

130428 KARA Gyuri Crosses Gender For “Nail Shop Paris” Role, “I Love Acting”

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, April 28, 2013 | 10:46 PM

KARA’s Gyuri will be a man in a new drama, ‘Nail Shop Paris.’ Well, almost. She will try her hardest to look like a man as she plays an unconventional character as a man-disguised woman.

At the production ceremony of ‘Nail Shop Paris’ held on April 26, cast members Gyuri, Chun Doong, Byun Woo Min, Jun Ji Hoo, Han So Yung were present.

Asked whether this is her first time acting, Gyuri responded “Technically, I was a child actress for a while so it is my second time. During our successful career as KARA thus far, I have always wanted to go into acting sometime when given the chance. So I could not pass on this valuable opportunity. ”

She also shared her thoughts about the distinct role as a man-disguised woman to be played. “From similar roles I have watched over the years, one sure thing is that it is a very interesting character to play. I have tried dressing up as a man in a variety show before so it is nothing new. I am actually looking forward to break away from my fixed image as a girly girl,” Gyuri stated.

In response to whether she will continue acting, she responded “Yes, I love acting. I would like to continue.”

The new drama ‘Nail Shop Paris’ is the first drama featuring nail artists. It is about Gyuri getting hired to a male-only nail shop owned by gorgeous men.

The drama will premiere on May 3.

130426 KARA’s Hara sends a rice wreath to support Gyuri’s new drama

Written By Kim Regina on Saturday, April 27, 2013 | 12:39 AM

KARA‘s Hara showed her support for fellow member Gyuri and her new drama ‘Nail Salon Paris‘ with a rice wreath.

Hara shared on her Twitter, “I tried sending a tribute rice wreath to Gyuri unni keke. I hope ‘Nail Salon Paris’ becomes daebak ♥”, and showed fans a snapshot of her rice wreath presented at the press conference for the drama held at the CGV Cinema in Yeouido, Seoul on April 26.

The ribbon on the wreath reads, “KARA’s Hara. If you see this, text me keke. You who transformed into a boy! Let’s receive an actor’s award! ‘Nail Salon Paris’ hwaiting daebak!”, and had fans giggling at her witty congratulation message.

Kamilias commented, “It’s nice to see the KARA members’ friendship”, “Gyuri must have felt encouraged by Hara”, and “This is Gyuri’s first lead role so I am looking forward to it.”

Image: TVReport

130427 Jun Ji Hoo reveals he and Gyuri had a lot of kiss scenes for ‘Nail Salon Paris’

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, April 26, 2013 | 10:00 PM

So just what were the most memorable scenes for actor Jun Ji Hoo while shooting the new drama ‘Nail Salon Paris‘?

It turns out they were the kiss scenes with co-star KARA‘s Gyuri! The cast of the new drama held a press conference on the 26th at the Seoul Yeouido CGV. When the MC asked him about the most memorable scenes, Jun Ji Hoo shared, “There were a lot of kiss scenes. So there were many awkward moments.” The MC then responded in confusion, “I don’t understand how kiss scenes can be difficult. Don’t you just do it?”

Jun Ji Hoo tried to explain, “There were a lot so for each individual kiss, we didn’t know what level of emotions we should show, so it was tough.” When the MC asked how many actual kiss scenes were shot, the actor commented, “According to my memory, there were four actual. However, because we kept filming them repeatedly, I remember it as being a whole lot.”

Gyuri will play the role of Hong Yuh Joo who is an internet fiction writer who cross dresses to work at ‘Nail Salon Paris’. Jun Ji Hoo will play the role of the heartthrob nail artist, Alex, who also works at the salon.

‘Nail Salon Paris’ will premiere on May 3 at 11 PM KST!

130425 KARA’s Nicole enjoys her vacation in NYC

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 | 11:57 PM

Kamilias in New York City, be on alert! KARA‘s Nicole is currently on a vacation in the area and you might just spot her there!

Nicole updated fans on her Twitter writing, “Together with Ai, sunshine babyy“, along with proof shots of her strolling through the streets of Times Square and looking effortlessly gorgeous in her casual one piece dress and sunglasses.

She also attended the Broadway musical, ‘Wicked‘, tweeting,

Because I knew you I’ve changed for good.대박 twitter.com/_911007/status…

— Nicole (@_911007) April 25, 2013

and didn’t forget to stop by the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art).

twitter.com/_911007/status… — Nicole (@_911007) April 24, 2013

She’s confirmed that she is indeed in NYC, so if you’re lucky, who knows, you might even run into her!

130424 KARA’s Gyuri gifts ‘Nail Salon Paris’ staff members with hoodies and signed CDs at final filming

KARA‘s Gyuri made sure to show her gratitude to the staff behind the drama ‘Nail Salon Paris‘.

She personally handed out 100 hooded t-shirts along with signed ‘KARA Solo Collection‘ albums on the 15th. Gyuri prepared the event to give strength to the staff members who were exhausted during the overnight outdoor filming. She also expressed her thoughts following her final filming for the drama on the 22nd.

Gyuri, who’s already been nicknamed the ‘second Coffee Prince‘, plays the role of Yuh Joo who dresses up as a boy to be hired at a nail salon that only employs men. Stay tuned for the premiere of ‘Nail Salon Paris’ on May 3rd.

130423 KARA, Sexy Model Poses At Macao

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 | 7:09 PM

Group KARA revealed a sexy picture in Macao.

Today, Kang Jiyoung posted on her Twitter, “Seungyeon, we’re having a good time in Macao,” “Happy Nicole, happy Jiyoung, happy Hara,” and “Kiss bonus! We’re sad we couldn’t show youe verything” along with several pictures. Goo Hara also posted up a similar picture on her own account.

In the upload pictures, Nicole, Kang Jiyoung, and Goo Hara are making model poses against the wall. In a different picture, the three are also with member Park Gyuri, and they are dressed up in black and white dresses, showing off their sexy bodies.

Internet users who saw this commented, “So pretty,” “KARA is so charming,” “Han Seungyeon must have missed out because of drama filming,” and “What are you doing in Macao?”

Photo Credit: Kang Jiyoung, Goo Hara Twitter

130423 Kara's Gyuri and Jun Ji Hoo Look Like a Couple

Kara’s Gyuri and rookie actor Jun Ji Hoo, who are acting together in MBC Queen’s upcoming drama, “Nail Shop Paris,” give a preview of their chemistry in these latest photos.

In the photos, Gyuri and Ji Hoo pose for the camera sitting closely together and showing what it means to be a good-looking couple. Gyuri sports a short, boyish haircut for her role as the cross-dressing nail shop employee. She makes a pretty “flower boy” but Jun Ji Hoo, who also boasts handsome and delicate features, looks like he can give Gyuri a run for her money.

“Nail Shop Paris” is described as a second “Coffee Prince” drama, with a story-line that features a cross-dressing female employee working at a nail shop run by “flower boys.” Gyuri plays the lead role with Jun Ji Hoo as her love interest. MBLAQ’sThunder also stars in this drama as another nail artist at the shop. The drama is slated for ten episodes and will be wholly pre-produced. It recently finished filming on April 22 and will premier May 3.

130422 KARA Goo Hara Reveals Baby Picture, ‘Cuteness’

KARA Goo Hara Reveals Baby Picture, ‘Cuteness’

Girl group KARA’s member Goo Hara revealed her 100-day baby picture.

Goo Hara posted on KARA’s website, “Good morning~! I found my 100-day picture from my phone album!” along with a picture.

In the picture, Goo Hara is 100 days old on April 13, 1991. Her round eyes and cute looks seem the same as now.

Internet users who saw this commented, “So cute,” “She wasn’t that cute of a baby,” etc.

Photo Credit: KARA

130423 Gyuri expresses her thoughts and gratitude after the last filming for ‘Nail Salon Paris’

KARA‘s Gyuri expressed her various emotions and thoughts after final filming of ‘Nail Salon Paris‘.

She first took a selca in the car on the way to her final shooting, writing, “Going to the last filming of ‘Nail Salon Paris’… Our filming started in a snowy January, and it’s finished at the end of April, when it’s starting to get warm… It hasn’t hit me yet.”

At the end of her filming, she tweeted again,”ㅜㅜ”, seemingly to point out the sadness she felt, before continuing, “I’m a lucky person… Not just any luck, but I have luck with people. I’m so thankful. Thank you.”

She added, “I felt this way during the musical, too… And I felt it again at the end of the drama filming. I realized this isn’t good fortune that everyone gets… I should know to be more thankful. I’m thankful for each and every one of you. Please be healthy..” giving her followers to also ponder the important lesson in life of never taking anything for granted.

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130422 KARA’s Seungyeon denies comparisons between her and Kim Tae Hee

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, April 22, 2013 | 4:21 AM

KARA‘s Seungyeon put an end to the numerous fan comparisons between her and beautiful actress Kim Tae Hee.

Appearing on the latest episode of MBC‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, she confessed that while she found the comparisons flattering, they simply weren’t true. “When I stand next to her, I become a squid,” she said. “I get so nervous.”

Kim Tae Hee and Seungyeon are starring in the same drama, SBS‘s ‘Jang Ok Jung‘.

130420 KARA’s Seungyeon looks like a cute baby chick on her way to work

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, April 21, 2013 | 10:12 PM

KARA‘s Seungyeon didn’t seem too upset about missing out on the Macau fun with her members.

On April 18th, Seungyeon tweeted, “On the way to work for ‘Animal Farm!’ It’s spring!! A bit… Cold? ha yellow yellow~ blue blue~ I feel good~,” with the above picture.

The KARA member looks like an adorable chick in some skinny jeans, a yellow cardigan, and a blue bag. In her perfect spring outfit, Seungyeon looks especially cute with her playful expression and hair tied up.

Fans commented, “Ultimate baby face Seungyeon,” “Seungyeon looks like a baby chick,” and “What did she eat to become this cute?“

130419 Kara’s Park Gyuri and Goo Hara to Narrate for ‘Real Man’

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, April 19, 2013 | 2:55 AM

As members of one of the girl groups of an army soldier’s dreams, Kara’s Park Gyuri and Goo Hara will be narrating for MBC’s Real Man.

Park Gyuri and Goo Hara will be narrating the new military variety program, where six celebrities, including Australian-based comedian, Sam Hammington, as they spend five nights and six days in the army, receiving the same treatment as the enlisted soldiers.

The first episode aired on April 14, with Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and Seohyun leading the way in narration. The program was met with positive response and receive 7.8 in ratings.

The second episode with Park Gyuri and Goo Hara’s narrations will broadcast on April 21.

Photo Credit: DSP Media

130418 KARA goes on a selca spree in Macau

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, April 18, 2013 | 10:11 PM

The KARA girls went on a selca spree in Macau!

The girls headed to Macau sans Seungyeon for the ‘17th China Music Awards‘. Seungyeon unfortunately had her MC duties for ‘Animal Farm‘, and could not go with the rest of the girls.

Jiyoung snapped a photo of all four girls heading over to the event and wrote, “Seungyeon unni, we’re having fun. Lala in Macau!“.

Gyuri retweeted the photo and wrote, “It’s the concept of unnis keke“. She also provided two selca shots of herself, writing, “It’s cool to have stage makeup on for the first time in a while“, and “A last shot before erasing the makeup…. Bye ㅜㅜ“.

Hara also provided a few photos of herself. She took a solo shot first, taking a photo of her reflection and writing, “I’m done preparing~~ Now I’m waiting…“. She took photos with Jiyoung and Nicole later on and wrote “Yo with feeling“.

Nicole of course wasn’t left out in the eye candy festival as she wrote,

In Macau ^^ looks familiar right ?? instagram.com/p/YNm1UcDBGp/

— Nicole (@_911007) April 17, 2013

She also added two more and wrote, “Yoohoo~~~” and

Muah* twitter.com/_911007/status…

— Nicole (@_911007) April 18, 2013

Hopefully, Seungyeon can join in with the rest of the members next time!

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130419 KARA picks up the Most Popular International Group Award at the ’17th China Music Awards’

KARA recently went on a selca spree in Macau as they prepared to attend the ‘17th China Music Awards‘, and ended up picking up an award for the category of Most Popular International Group!

The group went against some tough rivals like 2NE1, Big Bang, and One Direction, but KARA came out on top to walk away with the trophy. KARA shared, “It is an honor to be here today. We will definitely come again to meet our Chinese fans.”

In addition, the ladies also put on a performance of “Step” (which you can check out below) in front of the audience filled with various international stars.

Congrats to KARA!

130416 KARA’s Seungyeon measures her head with toilet paper?

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 | 12:30 AM

KARA‘s Seungyeon caught people’s attention with her small head once again. On the recent episode of SBS‘ ‘Animal Farm‘, the MCs measured her head size with toilet paper.

MC Kim Saeng Min stated, “A person can be said to have a small head if they can successfully wrap their head around with 5 pieces of toilet paper.” He then measured his own head in a very confident manner, but failed the task.

Then MC Shin Dong Yeob suggested measuring Seungyeon’s head instead. In the end, the MCs only had to use four and a half pieces of toilet paper to wrap the circumference of her head.

Netizens commented, “Her head is so small,” “Eyes, nose, and lips are all on that tiny face,” and “I think a small head is something you have to be born with.”

130415 2AM Jinwoon's Mother Favors Nicole Over Go Joon Hee?

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, April 15, 2013 | 5:52 PM

2AM Jinwoon’s mother recently brought up KARA‘s Nicole‘s cooking skills and did not hold back any praise. On April 13, Go Joon Hee went to visit her in-laws for the first time on the latest episode of MBC’s “We Got Married” season 4. Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee went together while preparing to pack up their belongings.

When Go Joon Hee asked Jinwoon’s mother and grandmother, “Has Jinwoon ever brought home any of his girlfriends?” Jinwoon’s grandmother replied, “Nicole has visited us before.” Jinwoon laughed in response assured Go Joon Hee that Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun had accompanied her on that visit as well.

Jinwoon’s mother went on to talk about Nicole saying, “Nicole’s cooking skills are terrific. On Jinwoon’s birthday, she brought two homemade cakes with her.” However Jinwoon’s grandmother was quick to try and save the awkward conversation by saying, “But Nicole is way too short. I personally prefer someone who is much taller.”

Go Joon Hee also had the chance to look through photos of girls Jinwoon had dated while in high school and admitted, “After I saw the photos, my mood did change somewhat.”

Netizens who caught the episode commented, “Go Joon Hee must have felt somewhat upset that Nicole and Seohyun and visited his family before her,” “Aww, Go Joon Hee is cute when she’s jealous” and “Wow, I’m kind of surprised that Seohyun and Nicole paid a visit to Jinwoon’s house.”

130415 KARA Goo Hara-Nicole, Picture At Psy’s Concert “We Learned a Lot”

KARA’s members Nicole and Goo Hara revealed a picture at Psy’s concert.

Today, Nicole posted on her Twitter, “We learned so much at Psy’s concert today. Hope your album goes well! I’m a mother father Gentleman~~ Yeah~~~” along with a picture.

In the picture, Goo Hara and Nicole are posing for the camera after attending Psy’s concert. Goo Hara is wearing a cap, showing off her clear skin, and Nicole is also smiling brightly while holding up a V with her fingers.

Psy held his concert ‘Happening’ today in Seoul, performing to more than 50,000 audience members.

Photo Credit: Nicole Twitter

130415 KARA Han Seungyeon, Nerd Style With Glasses

Group KARA’s Han Seungyeon revealed a nerd style with glasses on.

Today, Han Seungyeon posted on her Twitter, “It’s been a while, everyone. Do all front cameras come out blurry like this? You’re doing well, right? Even though it’s spring, it’s still cold in the morning and at night so dress warm” along with a picture.

In the picture, Han Seungyeon is wearing black glasses, looking at the camera with a straight face. She has long straight hair down neatly, and her clear skin is also eye-catching.

Internet users who saw this commented, “So pretty,” “Han Seungyeon is the best,” “She looks like a cartoon character,” and “I hope you come out even prettier in the drama.”

Han Seungyeon is playing the role of Moosoori Choi in SBS new drama “Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love.”

Photo Credit: Han Seungyeon Twitter

1304012 Kara Members Reveal Their Ideal Types

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, April 11, 2013 | 8:17 PM

On the recent episode of Nihon TV’s “Blue Laughter for Anyone,” which was aired on April 7, group Kara’s members appeared as special guests and revealed their ideal types.

Goo Hara stated that she likes guys with a nice deep voice, while Han Seung Yeonrevealed that her ideal type is someone who helps out with house chores and is caring, and also has light skin. Park Gyuri said that she would like a guy who is mature and understanding. On the other hand, Kang Ji Young revealed that she likes funny and engaging guys, while Nicole stated that her ideal type is someone who is sensitive and remembers what she says.

Also on this episode, a video that summarized Kara’s history since their debut in 2007 was aired. Kara is currently promoting their eighth Japanese single album “Bye Bye Happy Days.”

130410 KARA’s Goo Ha-ra to do soundtrack

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 | 10:08 PM

Goo Ha-ra of girl group KARA will sing the soundtrack of Japanese drama “Galileo” on Fuji TV, according to her agency DSP Media yesterday.

She will collaborate with singer-songwriter Masaharu Fukuyama, who is also a lead character in the drama. The two will work under the name “HARA+” to produce and sing the song named “Magic of Love”.

This is the first time that Goo will work with a foreign artist on a drama soundtrack.

The Japanese singer and actor debuted in 1990 with an EP named “Inside the Rain of Memories” and then expanded to a variety of dramas.

The newest drama is a detective fiction story about a genius physicist and a novice woman detective who solve extraordinary crimes together. A drama of the same title was aired in 2007 and garnered much attention in Japan.

The new version will be broadcast starting on Monday in Japan. In Korea, cable channel MBC QueeN will air the piece from May 6. It will also be shown in Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

By Lee Sun-min

130410 KARA spotted promoting “Bye Bye Happy Days” in the streets of Japan

The lovely ladies of KARA were spotted promoting in the streets of Japan.

In the photos, the girls were dressed in shorts and short dresses to match the warm Spring weather. The girls are dressed casually, with their hair either let down naturally or pulled up into a simple ponytail, but they looked like they were ready to go for a photoshoot.

Naturally, fans crowded around the girls at every location they were seen filming. The girls are currently promoting “Bye Bye Happy Days” in Japan. The single peaked at #2 on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart and sold 65,588 copies in its first week.

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130407 KStarz In Focus: KARA In A Week

KARA is looking forward to a brighter and prettier future this spring. The girls recently celebrated their 6th anniversary with Kamilias (their fanclub name) from around the world. Over Twitter, the girls thanked their fans for their love and support while also looking forward to future projects as a group and as individuals. If being ranked as K-Pop’s leading national female girl group by music industry insiders is any indication of their future success, KARA is surely heading in the right direction. In this edition of KStarz in Focus, I’ll be zeroing in on news stories surrounding KARA beginning March 11th.

It’s been three months since performing their first ever solo concert in Tokyo, Japan Kamilias from around the world can now view backstage footage and stage performances from KARA’s “KARAsia 2013 Happy New Year in Tokyo Dome” concert DVD. And, if that wasn’t enough, KARA also released their 8th Japanese single “Bye Bye Happy Days” which recently placed 3rd on Oricon charts.

Besides working on their Japanese album some of the members of KARA have been flexing their acting muscle in dramas scheduled to release this spring such as Seung Yeon playing a King’s wife in SBS’s “Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love”, Gyuri being casted in MBC’s new drama “Nail Salon Paris”, and Hara possibly joining KBS’s new drama “Shark”. While not appearing in a drama for broadcast TV, Nicole has taken up the role as English teacher on a Japanese radio show ‘Rekomen!’ where Nicole will give advice on the English language to callers. Meanwhile, maknae Ji Young will be experiencing college life as an incoming freshman to Sungkyunkwan University. So, until KARA’s next Korean comeback, Kamilias, check out the highlights of their week in March in this KStarz in Focus episode.

Writer:Myracha L. | Video Credits: KpopStarz Video Team

130409 Kara’s Kuhara will sing for the sound track of the Japanese drama series Galileo

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 | 8:53 PM

On April 9, according to a report from Kara’s agency, DSP Media, Kuhara, a member of the group, will participate in the production of the sound track for Fuji TV’s drama series Galileo. The series will begin airing on the 15th of April. Kuhara and Japanese singer Fukusima Masaharu form the project group Hara Plus, which will sing the theme song, “The Power Of Love.”

This is first time for Kuhara to participate in the recording of a song for a sound track with a popular foreign singer. Fukusima Masaharu is an actor and singer beloved in Japan. He debuted in 1990 with his single “Memories Of Rain” and has appeared in many works such as the movie Suspect X.

Galileo is a detective drama about a genius physicist and rookie woman detective who uncover a mystery. A drama with same title was broadcast in 2007 and gained popularity. This new version adds new stories while following the premise of the original. It will begin airing on May 6 through the Korean cable channel MBC Queen and will also air in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

130409 "Little PSY" Hwang Minwoo snaps a friendly picture with KARA

A friendly photo between popular girl group KARA and “Little PSY” Hwang Minwoo has been unveiled.

On April 6th through the social networking media Twitter, Hwang Minwoo posted, “While in the waiting room at Japan’s Fuji TV, I met the KARA noonas. It was nice to meet the noonas in Japan. Noonas are very pretty. Thank you.”

In the photo, Hwang Minwoo is seen in a white suit and black dress pants, wearing sunglasses, posing distinctively. KARA is seen surrounding him with cute poses, smiling warmly at the camera. The members’ slender legs and comfortable slippers have caught the eyes of netizens.

Meanwhile, KARA will be releasing their newest Japanese single “Bye Bye Days” on April 28th, and will continue to be active in both Korea and Japan.

Source: TV Report

130408 KARA Kang Jiyoung Conquers Osaka With Her Cute Charm

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, April 8, 2013 | 11:42 PM

KARA Kang Jiyoung Conquers Osaka With Her Cute Charm

KARA’s Kang Jiyoung uploaded a recent picture.

Kang Jiyoung posted on her Twitter, “Osaka,” along with several pictures.

In the revealed pictures, Kang Jiyoung is making cute poses at the camera. She is wearing a black shirt and black pants, with a mint-colored scarf. Even though she’s barely wearing any makeup, her cute charm was still existent.

Internet users who saw this commented, “Kang Jiyoung is still so cute” and “There’s a cutie like that in Osaka?”

KARA released their 8th Japanese single “Bye Bye Happy Days” on the 27th of last month.

Photo Credit: Kang Jiyoung Twitter

130409 KARA’s Hara forms project group ‘HARA+’ with Japanese artist Fukuyama Masaharu for ‘Galileo’ OST

KARA‘s Hara will lend her voice for the Japanese drama ‘Galileo‘s Korean OST.

Hara will be teaming up with singer-songwriter and lead star in ‘Galileo’ Fukuyama Masaharu to form the project group ‘HARA+’ and sing a Korean version of the drama’s theme song “Love Spell“.

DSP Media stated, “Fukuyama Masaharu will be participating as a producer, and Hara will be featuring as a vocalist for this project. This will be Japan’s ‘national actor’ and singer-songwriter Fukuyama Masaharu’s first time collaborating with a foreign artist so it’s getting a hot response from fans.”

‘Galileo’ will be premiering in Korea through MBC QueeN on May 6th. Stay tuned for this exciting collaboration!

130406 Goo Hara Strong Candidate to Star in Film with Park Bo Young

Written By Kim Regina on Saturday, April 6, 2013 | 1:26 AM

According to several sources in the film industry, Kara‘s Goo Hara is very likely to star in upcoming film “Blood Boiling Youth” as one of the main characters. “Blood Boiling Youth” portrays the stories of the last school-uniform generation in the early 1980s and will be about their romance, personal development, and friendship. Director Lee Yeon Woo of films “2424” and “Running Turtle” will be directing the movie.

Currently, actress Park Bo Young is a strong, likely candidate to play the heroine in the movie, playing Goo Hara’s partnering role. Many fans and netizens are already expressing their excitement for the possibility of seeing Goo Hara and Park Bo Young in school uniforms working together, if and when the casting is finalized.

An inside source stated, “The film still has several things to take care of, such as investment and funding, but since both Park Bo Young and Goo Hara have been anticipated to star in the movie for a while, I think they are most likely to participate in this film.”

Meanwhile, Goo Hara had her first acting experience in SBS’ “City Hunter” and received many positive reviews.

130405 Kara Nicole with JYJ member Kim Junsu’s mom photo

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, April 5, 2013 | 3:11 AM

JYJ member Kim Junsu’s mom tweeted a photo with Kara’s Nicole on April 5 and wrote, “With my favorite Nicole of Kara after JYJ’s Tokyo Dome concert~^^ Meeting Nicole in person for the first time, she’s so sweet and polite, so my first impression of her was great ^^ Nicole~It was great meeting you yesterday~^^.”

130405 KARA’s Park Gyuri Before Going to Sleep, ‘Good night!’

KARA's Park Gyuri Before Going to Sleep, 'Good night!'

Kara’s Park Gyuri released a photo of herself right before bed.

Today she tweeted, “At last, after getting everything done. Last second before lights go out. Good night, everyone.”

In the photo, Park Gyuri looks dimly into the camera with a faint smile. Appearing to be without makeup, she still exudes a look of beauty, adding to her nickname ‘The Goddess.’

Internet users commented “Here we have a goddess” “Wow, beautiful” “What’s the secret?”

Kara released their new single “Bye bye happy days” in Japan on the 27th of March and is currently performing shows in Japan.

130404 KARA Nicole with her selca picture

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, April 4, 2013 | 11:16 PM

Kara’s Nicole was seen enjoying the weather outside, when she tweeted a photo on Aoril 4 with the caption, “sunshineeeee (:”

130404 KARA’s Gyuri goes all natural in recent selcas

KARA‘s Gyuri showed her confidence in her natural beauty by going without makeup.

Gyuri shared on her Twitter, “I should go to sleep… (´~`). I did everything I could possibly do.. Finallyㅜㅜ Before I turn off the lights. hehe Goodnight, everyone.” She looked ready to go to bed with no makeup on.

The KARA members are currently in Japan to promote their 8th Japanese single “Bye Bye Happy Days”.

130404 KARA’s Han Seung Yeon Shouldn’t Have K-Pop Star Status Held Against Her In Acting Career “Jang Ok Jung” Producer Says

A producer on the SBS drama "Jang Ok Jung" says he cast Hang Seung Yeon of K-pop group KARA on the show before realizing who she was.

A producer on the SBS drama “Jang Ok Jung” says he cast Hang Seung Yeon of K-pop group KARA on the show before realizing who she was.

“I didn’t know very much about Han Seung Yeon,” producer

Bu Sung Cheol said Tuesday, according to the website Soompi. “There were two final candidates for her role and I decided to cast her without knowing that she’s a member of KARA.”

Sung Cheol says he doesn’t feel the KARA singer should have her K-pop star status held against her.

“When Han Seung Yeon first walked into the office, I thought she looked just like how I imagined [her "Jang Ok Jung" character] Sookbin to be,” the producer said. “I don’t think she needs to be discriminated reversely just because she’s a member of an idol group. Of course, I expect her to bring in more viewers and that’s a part of the reasons why I cast her.”

KARA released their most recent single “Bye Bye Happy Days” last month.

The video has over 650,000 views on YouTube since being uploaded on March 13.

Han Seung Yeon’s “Jang Ok Jung” character Sookbin Choi is a maid who becomes a Kim Sukjong’s concubine.

The drama is which is based on the novel, “Jang Hee Bin, Live for Love,” which premieres on April 8.

The story, based on true historic events, traces King Kim Sukjong played by Yoo Ah In and his concubine Jang Ok Jung, later known as Jang Hui Bin, played by Kim Tae Hee.

Seung Yeon’s “Jang Ok Jung,” co-stars were getting pretty hot and bothered on the set, according to allkpop.

“To be honest, while acting, I would let my guard down and steal glances at her,” Yoo Ah In said of his co-star on Wednesday night’s episode of “One Night of TV Entertainment” on SBS . “I mean she is Kim Tae Hee!”

Tae Hee, shot back that she was distracted by Yeon’s hungry stare.

“What are you talking about?” the model asked. “While acting with Yoo Ah In, I forgot my lines because of his intense eyes.”

According to a producer on “Jang Ok Jung,” Yoo Ah In wasn’t the only one distracted by Kim Tae Hee’s beauty.

The crew’s star-struck behavior was all too apparent when a scene required Kim Tae Hee to be splashed with water outdoors on a freezing day in February.

“We had a total of 8 [retakes] before we filmed the scene correctly,” the producer told the Korea Star Daily. “I’m not sure if it was because Kim Tae Hee was too beautiful and that’s why we kept missing her when we threw the water, or whether it was because the staff were too selfish and the longer we filmed, the longer Kim Tae Hee stood there smiling.”

”It was so cold that day that the water was frozen,” a cast member added. “Even though the scene was redone many times, Kim Tae Hee didn’t show any signs of frustration and remained in high spirits throughout.”

130404 KARA’s Jiyoung winks for the cover of ‘Campus 10′

KARA‘s Jiyoung graced the cover of ‘Campus 10‘!

The magazine went with the “bloom” theme for their 10th issue. The magazine reported, “We were thinking about who we should place on the cover of the April issue, which is our 10th issue. Since the theme was ‘bloom’, we chose Jiyoung because she turned 20 this year and blooming into her shining beauty.”

Jiyoung’s been endorsing Union Bay with fellow groupmate Seungyeon and actorLee Min Ki, and she donned it again for the ‘Campus 10′ photoshoot. She went for a casual but stylish safari look, and looked innocent and bright throughout the photos.

Seungyeon even joined her for one cut, so check out the photos below!

130404 KARA Goo Hara, Self-Camera On Bed With a Tanktop On ‘She Looks Like a Cat’

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 | 11:50 PM

Girl group KARA’s Goo Hara revealed a cat-like self-camera photo on her bed.

Today, Goo Hara posted on her Twitter a picture of herself.

In the picture, Goo Hara is wearing a yellow sleeveless shirt. She is wearing a big bow on her head and is showing off her big, round eyes.

Internet users who saw this commented, “Goo Hara got prettier,” “I wish I had a cat like Goo Hara,” and “Her skin is so nice.”

KARA released their Japanese single ‘Bye Bye Happy Days’ on the 27th of last month.

Photo Credit: Goo Hara Twitter

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