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121129 KARA to receive a Best Dresser Award in Japan

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, November 30, 2012 | 12:14 AM

Hallyu group KARA is being recognized for its style and fashion in Japan.

The secretariat of International Jewellery Tokyo(IJT), the organizer of IJT 2013, the largest jewelry exhibition in Japan, announced on November 27 that Korean girl group KARA had been selected as the recipients of the 24th Japanese Best Jewellery Wearer Awards female category.

The awards ceremony will be held on the second day of the 24th IJT, which will be held for three days from January 23 next year at Big Sight in Tokyo Odaiba.

This year’s prize winner in the male category is Japanese gymnast Kohei Uchimura, a London Olympics gold medalist.

KARA joins the list of other Korean stars who have been the recipient of the award in the past including Lee Byung Hun, Won Bin and Girls’ Generation.

121130 KARA’s Gyuri, Jiyoung and Seungyeon release solo MVs for Korean ‘KARA Solo Collection’

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, November 29, 2012 | 11:28 PM

Following the first set of music videos featuring Nicole and Goo Hara’s solo tracks, KARA has now unveiled the music videos for Gyuri and Jiyoung’s tracks from their ‘KARA Solo Collection’ album.

Gyuri’s solo track “Daydream” features a tango-like rhythm and plays out much like a musical number. The music video also stars Jung Seok Won, who plays the lead male character.

Jiyoung’s “Wanna Do” is described as a rock ballad and features Supernova’s Park Geon Il on the music video’s storyline. Seungyeon, on the other hand, will transform into a rockstar for her solo track “Guilty”, the song which will further showcase her individual colors apart from KARA.

121129 KARA's Gyuri receives praises with her cameo appearance in "What Is Mom"

KARA's goddess Park Gyu Ri has just made a cameo apperance in sitcom What is Mom.

Although she only appeared for a few seconds, her appearance garnered much attention

Gyu Ri took the role of a gorgeous, stylish lady, who's the new renter of Moon Hee's grandma. With her beautiful look and fashionable style, she attracted every men around.

Gyuri's cameo received so many possitive comments. One of the staff shared, "Although her appearance was short, Gyuri still checked everything carefully, from her outfits, hair style and sentences".

Currently, 'What is mom' is broadcasted every monday and tuesday.

121129 KARA releases jacket photos for Korean ‘KARA Solo Collection’

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 | 11:23 PM


 As reported earlier, KARA will be releasing its ‘KARA Solo Collection’ album in Korea. After pre-releasing the first set of music videos featuring Nicole and Goo Hara’s solo tracks, they have now unveiled unseen jacket photos from their upcoming album.

‘KARA Solo Collection’ was previously released in September in Japan, and will be released in Korea on December 4th. The album was produced by the Sweetune team, including Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo, as well as composer Lee Joo Hyung and G-High.

Check out the photos below!


121128 Kara′s Goo Hara and Nicole to Battle as Couples with New Solo Singles


Kara′s Goo Hara and Nicole are on for a new couple battle with their good-looking music video partners.

On November 28, Goo Hara and Nicole will be releasing through Kara′s official YouTube channel and online music sites the music videos for their solo songs from Kara′s first Solo Collection.

Nicole and Goo Hara are up to bat for the first round of releases. Nicole will be unveiling her solo Lost, and Goo Hara will reveal her own single Secret Love.

The music videos, which were previously released with their corresponding Japanese singles, feature rising male stars who volunteered to help the members out.

Nicole′s music video features Lee Jong Seok, who Nicole worked with as a music show host in the past. Lost is a traditional R&B piece that sings of longing for a lost love.

Goo Hara′s music video stars the idol-turned-actor Im Si Wan. Through her medium-tempo urban dance single Secret Love, Goo Hara aims to emphasize her cute and bouncy charms once again. She appears as a cute stalker who has a crush on Im Si Wan, and the two will get together in a proposal scene as well as a couple dance.

Park Gyuri, Han Seung Yeon and Kang Ji Young′s solos will be released on November 30.

Photo credit: DSP Media

121128 KARA’s Hara and Nicole release solo MVs for Korean version of ‘KARA Solo Collection’ album

As reported earlier, KARA will be releasing their new album, ‘KARA Solo Collection‘, in Korea after having previously revealed the Japanese version earlier this year.

The album features the members’ solo songs and music videos, and will come in three different versions.

DSP Media has unveiled the MVs of the Korean version, which seem to be pretty much the same as their previous Japanese PVs, for the solo songs of Hara and Nicole, so check them out link below.

Preview at : Secret Love, Lost

121127 KARA to receive award at the ‘Jewelry Best Dresser Awards’ in Japan

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 | 11:23 PM

KARA will receive a Special Award at Japan’s ‘24th Jewelry Best Dresser Awards‘.

The largest Japanese jewelry exhibition, IJT (International Jewelry Tokyo) 2013 will begin on January 23rd at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center in Odaiba, Tokyo Bay. On the second day of the event, KARA will receive the ‘Jewelry Best Dresser Award’. This award celebrates great fashion sense and achievement. This award also draws much interest from the media and people in Japan.

In 2010, actor Lee Byung Hun had received the same award, and other Koreans who received the award include Girls’ Generation and Won Bin.

Congratulations to KARA!

121127 NHK clarifies why no Korean artists are included in the ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen’ lineup

Japan’s NHK clarified why there were no Korean artists included in this year’s ‘Kouhaku Uta Gassen‘ lineup.

Even though artists such as TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, and KARA had attended last year, this year no Korean artists received an invitation. Many people assumed that the Dokdo Island controversy had played a part in the lack of K-pop stars.

However, NHK clarified this sentiment stating, “The Dokdo controversy had nothing to do with it. ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen’ artists are chosen based on the artist activities and the support they receive from the general public. This year, the Korean artists’ scores had fallen compared to last year. There was no political reason.”

Some Japanese fans welcomed the lack of Korean artists at the biggest musical event of the year, but others protested the lack of representation, commenting, “There’s no doubt that political problems were a factor“.

121126 KARA shows individual charms for ‘Dazed & Confused’

In addition to Goo Hara’s pictorial, other KARA members graced the cover of ‘Dazed & Confused’ magazine, displaying each member’s individual charms.

Park Gyuri showed her own distinctive charisma and transformed into goddess queen. Nicole portrayed a fierce yet lovely devil girl and Han Seungyeon is a bold femme fatale. The maknae Kang Jiyoung transformed into mature, sophisticated woman and Goo Hara is a beautiful winter princess.

Staff on set commented that despite their busy schedules, the members successfully and accurately portrayed their pictorial’s concept.


In addition to Goo Hara’s pictorial, other KARA members graced the cover of ‘Dazed & Confused’ magazine, displaying each member’s individual charms.

Park Gyuri showed her own distinctive charisma and transformed into goddess queen. Nicole portrayed a fierce yet lovely devil girl and Han Seungyeon is a bold femme fatale. The maknae Kang Jiyoung transformed into mature, sophisticated woman and Goo Hara is a beautiful winter princess.

Staff on set commented that despite their busy schedules, the members successfully and accurately portrayed their pictorial’s concept.

121127 KARA to release solo collection album in Korea

KARA will be releasing its solo collection album in Korea!

According to DSP Media, KARA’s ‘KARA Solo Collection’ album, which was released in Japan on September 5th, will be released in Korea. The group plans to release their solo tracks along with each corresponding music video starting with Nicole and Hara’s tracks on November 28th, followed by Gyuri, Seungyeon and Jiyoung’s tracks on the 30th.

DSP Media also revealed that KARA members participated in the creation of their tracks. The members took part in writing the lyrics for their individual songs as well as directing its music videos to further display their own colors onto the tracks.

The regular and limited edition of the ‘KARA Solo Collection’ will be available on December 4th.

121127 KARA, 2PM and T-ara dominate Oricon’s weekly charts

Hallyu groups KARA, 2PM and T-ara dominated the upper tier of this week’s Oricon’s Weekly Singles and Albums charts.

According to Oricon’s latest ranking released on November 26, KARA’s 3rd Japanese studio album ‘Girls Forever’ which was released on November 14th, has sold an impressive 73,224 copies in first week, making them to hold its second position on Oricon Weekly Albums Chart.

2PM’s latest Japanese single “Masquerade” managed to sell 130,242 copies for the week and came out in second place of the Oricon’s Weekly Singles Chart for the week. T-ara’s “Sexy Love” was just close behind, taking the 4th place of the same chart with 40,835 copies sold.

121125 Goo Hara's face is smaller than a balloon?

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, November 25, 2012 | 8:55 PM

KARA's Goo Hara updated her Twitter with a new selca.

She tweeted,"went to Lacoste Live Party in Tokyo! That was an interesting party! Had some great time there!"

She then shared the selca above,she is seen holding a balloon and carves a sweet smile.

Fans commented after seeing the photo,"She has a really small face","pretty and sweet girl" and etc

121125 KARA's Jiyoung tweets "Red Cheeks" selca

KARA's maknae Jiyoung shared a selca on Twitter on 25th November.

She said,"Huhu live performance after a long while is tiring." and shared the photo above.

She is seen posing cutely to the camera with full make-up,her hair is a bit untidy,she must be really tired after the performance.

Fans commented,"She's cute","Long time no see" and etc.

121121 KARA’s Gyuri mourns the passing of her dog Nadia

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, November 23, 2012 | 12:10 AM

KARA‘s Gyuri mourned the passing of her dog Nadia.

On November 21st, Gyuri tweeted a photo of her dog and wrote, “Nadia left us today.. She was with me for 17 years and even though she couldn’t talk, she expressed her emotions like a human. She was good with everyone, so she never barked or bit anyone and she was an angelic softie…“.

A few minutes later she wrote again, “After she saw Kkingkkang’s accident, she couldn’t use any of her four legs and couldn’t see and was sick because of shock… I made an appointment for Saturday to try a new hospital but she couldn’t wait and left… You were really hurting, right? You’re the nicest in the world so you’ll be in a good place. Let’s meet again next time, for sure. I love you, Nadia.”

Fans rushed to wish her well, and hoped she was feeling okay after the passing of her dog.

Source: Gyuri’s Twitter

121120 KARA’s Goo Hara looks stunning for ‘Dazed & Confused’

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, November 22, 2012 | 4:54 PM

KARA’s Goo Hara graced the cover of fashion magazine, ‘Dazed & Confused’.

Goo Hara has taken a step away from her usual youthful concepts to go for a more mature approach. During the shoot, the idol exuded her mystical look, donning white dresses and veil.

Even with her busy schedule, she showed her professionalism and successfully conveyed the pictorial’s concept. Goo Hara worked along well with the staff and earned praises for her goddess-like charms.

121121 KARA's Nicole reveals her lovely bookshelf

On November 15, KARA's Nicole revealed her bookshelf through her twitter account with a message, "Feel good and look at my bookshelf you made"

In the photo, Nicole stands next to her lovely bookshelf, smile happily with a cute pose. The bookshelf is decorated with books and stuffs given by fans.
Netizens commented, "Nicole really loves her fans", "Please read all of them", "Nicole's fans seem like reading"....

Currently, KARA is busy with their 7th Japanese album 'Electric boy' promotion.

Source: Nicole's twitter

121122 SISTAR's Hyorin, Kara’s Hara & 4Minute’s Hyuna for Lotte Liquor


SISTAR's Hyorin, Kara’s Hara & 4Minute’s Hyuna for Lotte Liquor.

The pretty girls from girl groups SISTAR, Kara and 4Minute endorse Lotte Liqour.

Hyorin, Hara and Hyuna are looking gorgeous and sexy while posing with Lotte Liquor. The girls show their perfect figures while holding the bottle of Lotte Liquor.

Check out their pictures below.


121122 KARA becomes overall #1 in DVD sales in Japan

KARA beat out Girls’s Generation and become the overall #1 in DVD sales for a foreign artist in Japan.

On November 21, a Japanese media outlet reported that the sales of KARA’s latest DVD ‘KARA 1st JAPAN TOUR 2012 KARASIA‘ which was released in the country on November 14, has sold over 30,000 copies in just one week, shooting to the top of the Oricon Weekly DVD Chart.

The report added, Both KARA and Girls’s Generation topped on the DVD sales chart twice. However, this time, KARA has surpassed Girls’ Generation and they’ve taken the #1 overall spot for a foreign artist.”

KARA also topped on the Oricon Weekly DVD Charts with previous DVD releases ‘KARA Best Clips’ and ‘KARA Best Clips 2 & Shows’.

Source: Xportsnews

121116 KARA releases BTS video for Girls Forever album jacket

Written By Kim Regina on Friday, November 16, 2012 | 9:10 PM

Check out the BTS video of the photoshoot session of KARA for their latest Japanese album titled "Girls Forever".

121116 KARA GYURI @ One day special manager at a album store in Tokyo

KARA Gyuri (24), was the first challenge to the manager at the store one day Ikebukuro Sunshine City AlpaShinseido of Tokyo.

KARAのリーダー、ギュリ(24)が16日、新アルバム「ガールズ フォーエバー」の発売を記念し、東京・東池袋の新星堂サンシャインシティ アルパ店で一日店長に初挑戦した。
  キュートな制服姿で現れたギュリは、5000通の応募から選ばれた200人のファンに購入したアルバムを手渡し。交流を楽しみ、「新米店長の初めての出勤 だから緊張して未熟でしたけど、親切なお客さんのおかげで店長、成功です」と笑顔。「(今まで)バイトをしたことはないですけど、きょうは本当に楽しく て。今から(ここで)バイトしたいですね」とすっかり気に入ったようだった。

5人組ガールズグループ・KARAのギュリ(24)が16 日、東京・池袋の新星堂サンシャイン・アルパでメンバー初の1日店長を務めた。「私がリーダーだ から、模範を見せて店長をやりました。ほかのメンバーは店員がいいかな」とニッコリ。年末恒例の『紅白歌合戦』には「お声掛けいただけたらうれしいです」 と丁寧な日本語で2年連続出場への意欲を見せた。

 「新米店長の、KARAのギュリです。よろしくお願いします!」とあいさつして拍手を浴びたギュリは、1日店長として14日発売のニューアルバム『ガールズ フォーエバー』を陳列。ファンクラブ会員5000通の応募から抽選で選ばれた200名にCDを手渡しした。

  「新米の初めての出勤。緊張して未熟でしたけど、親切なお客さんのおかげで店長は成功でした」と大喜びし、「バイトはしたことがなかったけど、楽しくて今 からバイトしたいです」とご機嫌。近づくクリスマスの予定は「残念ながら今年も仕事です」といい、男性と過ごすクリスマスには「あ、それは後でやりたいで すね」と乙女心をのぞかせていた。

★会員限定★ニュー・アルバム「ガールズ フォーエバー」の発売を記念した緊急企画第二弾が決定!!

KARAメンバーのうちだれか1名が「一日店長」として緊急来店!!「誰が来るのか?」は当日までのお楽しみ!! 抽選で、「ガールズ フォーエバー」のCDを直接お渡し致します!

【日時】 2012年11月17日(土) 15:00~
【場所】 都内某所
【応募締切】 2012年11月16日(金) 22:00まで
【当選者様へ通知】 2012年11月16日(金) 24:00までに配信予定です。 


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